Scamper 70S Jerkbait


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Scamper 70S

is a suspending minnow style lure that can be cranked, twitched, jerked, slow rolled or trolled.  It’s a versatile choice for the tackle box, perfect for long searching casts across flats, or twitching around areas know to hold feeding fish.  Twitch it aggressively across the top of weed and gravel beds, sand flats or snags.
Will perform well trolling in shallow water for Flathead, especially as a shallow partner for Austackle’s Flathead specialist lure “Bonehead”.

Target species:  Trout, Bream, Bass, Estuary Perch, Flathead, Tailor, Tarwhine and more.

Suspending Jerkbait

Length: 70 mm

Weight: 6.9 grams

Depth:  0.8 metres


  • SKU : AUS95
  • Barcode # 9357183019024
  • Brand: Austackle

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Banana Prawn, Black Night, Estuary Prawn, Gold Rush, Green Legend, Plasma Red, Yellow Legend

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