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The Baby Lively Crayfish is a lifelike and enticing fishing lure designed to replicate the appearance and movement of a real crayfish. Measuring 63mm in length and weighing 13.1g, this lure is crafted with precision and attention to detail, making it an excellent choice for anglers targeting a variety of predatory fish species.

With its realistic crayfish design, the Baby Lively Crayfish showcases lifelike features such as pincers, antennae, and segmented body sections. The intricate details and vibrant color patterns mimic the natural colors of a crayfish, creating a convincing imitation that attracts the attention of predatory fish.

The Baby Lively Crayfish boasts a lively and natural swimming action that closely resembles the movements of a real crayfish in the water. This lifelike action is achieved through the lure’s carefully designed body shape and the strategic positioning of the legs and pincers. The natural movement entices fish to strike, as they perceive the lure as an easy and tempting prey.

Equipped with sharp and durable treble hooks, the Baby Lively Crayfish ensures a solid hookset and secure connections with your target fish. The hooks are carefully chosen and positioned to optimize hooking efficiency, minimizing the chances of fish escaping during the fight.

This lure is highly effective when targeting a wide range of freshwater species, including bass, perch, trout, and other predatory fish. Its realistic crayfish design makes it a prime choice for fishing in areas where crayfish are a natural part of the fish’s diet.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Baby Lively Crayfish is built to withstand the rigors of fishing and repeated use. Its durable construction ensures it can handle aggressive strikes and remains in top condition throughout many fishing trips.

Add the Baby Lively Crayfish 63mm, 13.1g fishing lure to your tackle box and experience its effectiveness in enticing strikes from predatory fish. With its lifelike appearance, natural swimming action, and reliable construction, this lure is sure to become a go-to choice for anglers seeking thrilling catches and successful fishing outings. Prepare for exciting hooksets and memorable fishing experiences with the Baby Lively Crayfish as your trusted fishing companion.

Hook: Mustad Hook

Weight: 13.1g

Length: 63mm


  • SKU : FSS0636
  • Barcode # 9357193912100
  • Brand: Afishlure

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