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Bass Fishing Australia

Bass fishing is a thriving sport in Australia. Because of the new lure designs, large tournament trails and nationally-covered competitions, more and more Aussies are getting into Bass fishing. The main difference between American and Australian Bass fishing comes down to the fish itself. The Australian Bass is a unique species found only on this continent. Aussie anglers love the aggressiveness and toughness of Australian Bass, making it the most popular freshwater sports fish in the country.

Bass Fishing Tips & Guides

Fishing…is one of the keenest and best-wearing pleasures of life. There are deep and glowing things in even the simplest day on a river, and even more in the retrospect of such a day, which are worthy of honest examination.

Summer Bass Fishing

Summer bass fishing means finding shade and the coolest spots on any given body of water. These cool spots are sometimes located via topographical maps, but just as often require more snooping. Start by studying the terrain and how it might affect natural water flow, and then send an actual stream thermometer down on a fishing line.

Winter Bass Fishing

Fishing for bass during the late fall and winter months can be a daunting task. During the regular season, you have an identifiable structure to fish, vegetation is in bloom and the sun offers you shaded areas, which will produce fish during the heat of the day. Winter however does not give you any of those visible signs.

Bass Fishing Tips

The most important of all the bass fishing tips is to have fun and enjoy the process of experimenting. The more time you spend on the water, the more you will understand about selecting the best baits and using techniques that will help increase the numbers of bass you catch. Learn what is the best time to fish for bass in the day and time of the year.

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