Gizmo Spinnerbaits


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The Austackle Gizmo Spinnerbait! 

Unlike solid ganged stinger hooks, a mobile assit-style stinger offer no leverage to the fish, making it much harder to shake free.

The stinger buries itself inside the skirt to avoid snags, and the flash on the hook adds a realistic scale effect.


  • Unique, articulated swinging stinger with flash
  • UV features in skirt &/or head 
  • Best quality swivels and Mustad hooks
  • 50+ strand silicon, replaceable skirts 
  • Non-slip tow point. Use a clip or loop knot without any hassles of line travelling along the wire.
  • Suited for both casting and trolling.

Built tough for Aussie conditions!



  • SKU : AUS47
  • Brand: Austackle

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Black/Chartreuse, Black/Gold Stripe, Black&Gold/Gold Blond, Chart Green/Oran, Purple/Black, Striped Ayu/White, Striped Black/Silver, Striped Green/White, Striped Red/Black, Striped Red/Striped P

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