Forked Tail Killa Vibe 21g 95mm


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The Forked Tail Killa Vibe is a versatile and highly effective fishing lure designed to attract a wide range of fish species. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lure combines realistic appearance with exceptional performance. Measuring 95mm in length and weighing 21g, it is the perfect size for targeting various freshwater and saltwater predators.

The Forked Tail Killa Vibe features a durable construction that can withstand aggressive strikes and challenging fishing conditions. Its vibrant color patterns and lifelike finishes imitate the appearance of a distressed baitfish, making it a prime target for predatory fish.

This lure showcases a unique forked tail design that adds extra movement and vibration to its action. When retrieved, the forked tail produces a lifelike swimming motion, creating enticing vibrations and attracting fish from a distance. The erratic movement closely mimics the behavior of injured or fleeing baitfish, triggering predatory instincts and enticing strikes.

Equipped with strong and sharp treble hooks, the Forked Tail Killa Vibe ensures a solid hookset and minimizes the chances of fish escaping. The hooks are strategically positioned for optimal hooking efficiency, increasing your chances of successfully landing your catch.

The Forked Tail Killa Vibe is suitable for various fishing techniques, including casting and retrieving, twitching, or jigging. Its versatile design allows you to experiment with different retrieval speeds and actions to find the most effective presentation for the fish species you are targeting.

Whether you’re targeting bass, bream, trout, or other predatory fish, the Forked Tail Killa Vibe is a reliable choice that will enhance your fishing experience. Its lifelike appearance, enticing swimming action, and durable construction make it a go-to lure for anglers of all skill levels.

Add the Forked Tail Killa Vibe 21g, 95mm fishing lure to your tackle box and get ready to entice strikes from a variety of fish species. With its exceptional performance and realistic design, this lure is sure to become one of your favorites. Prepare to reel in exciting catches and create unforgettable fishing memories.


  • SKU : FSS403
  • Barcode # 9357183001920
  • Brand: Afishlure

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