Bite Crawler 85mm 2.2g 12pc


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Bite Crawlers are soft bait designed with lots of action in mind. They mimic crayfish and nippers so imitate that in your retrieve. Rig them weedless and fish heavy structure for perch with a jighead. Rig them with a running ball sinker and a worm hook and fish the shallows for flathead. 

If you are looking for a soft plastic lure that imitates crayfish and nippers then look no further. Bite Crawlers have a wide range of colours to suit all angling conditions. 

Hopped along the bottom or complete dead stick on the bottom allowing the feelers/ tenticles to “do their thing” and move in the current.


  • SKU : FSS481
  • Barcode # 9357383001560
  • Brand: Afishlure

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Blue Dream, Christmas Green, Golden Brown, Lava Red, Lumo Bug, Violet Bug

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