Seven Fall Lures I use by Mike Rogers


It’s Fall, well almost Fall, it’s later September, the fish are either starting to move up or they are in that Transition period. Personally I think they are in that transition period, but are on the verge of moving up to feed any day now. I fished earlier this week and the bite was tough

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Lake Camanche Fishing Report by Eddie Sapigao


Water Temp: 68-74 Water Clarity: 10 ft visibility Clear blue sky with a tiny bit of smoke Temp: HOT   Fished the Future Pro event on Camanche this past weekend. This was my first time out on this body of water, so I had no real expectations set. I had a chance to pre-fish Friday

Lake Camanche Fishing Report by Eddie Sapigao2020-10-02T02:44:31+00:00

Lester’s fall tips for Nickajack Lake


Brandon Lester grew up fishing lakes and reservoirs in Tennessee and is always ready to share his sure-fire tips for finding and catching bass on these respected fisheries.

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Tackle Tip Tuesday: Fall fishing topwaters


In this Tackle Tip Tuesday video, Luke Palmer shows off his two favorite topwaters for the fall fishing season. Water temperatures are cooling off and fish are on the move to feed up before winter.

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To fizz or not to fizz


During the recent Bassmaster Elite Series Northern Swing, there was a lot of talk during the Bassmaster LIVE coverage regarding “fizzing” – the technique of venting the excess gas from a bass’ overinflated swim bladder that had been caught in deep water.

To fizz or not to fizz2020-09-27T00:00:00+00:00

Dealing with fall transition


This is the time of year when fishing can get tough. It’s early fall, and the fish tend to scatter.I saw that first hand last week when I visited Lake Chickamauga to look around for an upcoming Bassmaster Elite, and I think that same scenario is occurring on other southern lakes.

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Techniques for late summer bass fishing


Last time we talked about football being out for the most part this year, and bass fishing being in for the whole part. We were talking about fall, though. Right now it’s more like late summer, and that’s a different game.

Techniques for late summer bass fishing2020-09-21T00:00:00+00:00

CA Delta Fishing Report by Randy Walker – Sept 12th & 13th


2020 has been crazy and up in the air with COVID causing cancellations and rescheduling of tournament fishing. I was able to grab my buddy Erik, my RV and Skeeter/Suzuki and get out this past weekend and fish the final BBT events for the Delta/Wine and Northern Regions being held on the CA Delta, going

CA Delta Fishing Report by Randy Walker – Sept 12th & 13th2020-09-18T17:58:26+00:00
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