Ranger 40s Crankbait


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Ranger 40S is a suspending lure with surprisingly efficient Magnetic Long Cast System.  Don’t be surprised if your lure lands past the target on first cast! Twitching the lure causes a tempting roll and dart swimming action.  A slow, steady retrieve creates a heavy tail wobble and body roll making Ranger a brutally attractive bait for a variety of salt and fresh water species. Equally at home slow rolling or twitching across flats, weed beds and edges as it is when cranked around boat hulls, pontoons and other likely fish holding structures. Particularly deadly on Bream and Bass.


Trout Jan 2

Suspending Crankbait  

Length: 40mm

Weight: 3.3g

Magnetic Long Cast


  • SKU : AUS79
  • Brand: Austackle

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