Butthead Vibe 52mm 12g


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Butthead Vibes are Lipless Crankbaits which flutter as they sink, and produce a strong vibration when jigged. They can be cast and retrieved, hopped, jigged or trolled and both attract a range of salt and freshwater species. The Butthead Vibes were specifically designed by Afishlure and the Pro Staff team for targeting deep schooling bass, and fish holding tight to structure. The extra weight on the small profile make this lure a stand out. Get into the strike zone quickly and stay there! Along with Bass, Yellow Belly and Cod, this lure is also a hit with Saltwater species such as Flathead, Mulloway and more, with the added weight making it easy to fish in areas of stronger current. The Butthead Vibe is a great choice for freshwater species such as Bass, Golden Perch and Redfin, along with plenty of Saltwater species such as Bream and Flathead on the flats, Trevally, Tailor and just about everything else.


  • SKU : FSS0353
  • Brand: Afishlure

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