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The Austackle Shimmer Stik

Big brother to highly regarded Shinku, Shimmer Stik has a deadly presentation on the drop. It falls with a pronounced flutter and body roll away from the direction it is cast, back towards the snag, undercut bank or boat hull etc. and falls into the face of your target sport fish.
Simply cast, and let it fall on slack line. If not taken as it falls, let Shimmer Stik sit for 30 seconds then VERY SLOWLY lift the rod to ease the bait back up into the water column, and again let it shimmy back down to the seabed floor. Often eaten on the drop, or taken off the bottom.
Shimmer Stik is also very effective when fished as a prawn imitation across flats and weed beds, edges and drop offs. Use short sharp flicks of the rod to create thefleeing prawn action.
In the case of surface activity, cast Shimmer Stikpast the surface bust up and wind quickly with a high rod tip to make the lure swim quickly across the surface, then stop winding and let the lure sink into the feeding frenzy. Hang on!
The seductive fall of this lure makes it an irresistible bait for Bream, Bass and many other species.
Sinking Stickbait

Length: 60mm
Weight: 5g


  • SKU : AUS34
  • Brand: Austackle

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