Welfare Claims the Motackle 10K - Full Report

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Diamond Dave Welfare captures the $10,000.00 AOY Invitational after going through 3 full head to head battles and beating some of the best bass anglers in the country.


The Motackle 10K on Lake Somerset was designed to put angler vs angler, mate vs mate, in a head to head style tournament to test the anglers to their limits. The free entry tournament was made up of the Top 12 Pro Anglers from the Berkley B.A.S.S. Australia Nation Series, and the winner had an opportunity to walk away with a massive $10,000.00 first prize.

Welfare with a $10,000.00 biggin.


Along with the 2 session’s per day format for the group and semi-final stages, the anglers also needed to put 4 live bass in the well in each session, a first for B.A.S.S. Australia, as Queensland Fisheries approved an exclusion on the 2 fish limit for the duration of the tournament. A 4 bass limit on Lake Somerset over a 5-hour period is extremely tough, and to try and back it up in the afternoon then the next day was asking a lot of the competitors and the lake. Mix in some absolutely atrocious weather, including hail and solid wind and we expected that we could have seen a few anglers with zero after a full days fishing.

Ford with a nearly 3kg giant.


This was far from the truth and Lake Somerset again told the story of why its regarded as the number one bass impoundment in Queensland, with some incredibly large captures including an 8kg plus limit from Graham Ford in the first session.


Day One – Group Stage – 12 Anglers


Day one saw the largest captures of the event with and some really tight pairings, and some absolute blow outs. In Group A the current AOY Champion Matthew Langford knocked out Michael “Paddy” O’Dowd by over 6kgs and looked to be confident and ready for the remaining 2 days. Group B was also quiet a massive margin as Jonno Bale stepped up and took Garry Harman to the sword with a 7 plus kg win and Bale stood out as one of the favourites.

Harman was on them early. 


Mott was out after session one.


Group C was super tight, Graham Ford had an exceptional lead of over 3kgs at the turn, but Cody Haynes came from behind to snatch the victory by less than 300 grams. Both anglers weighed over 10kgs for the 2 sessions. Group D saw a mate vs mate battle where Mick “Iron Jack” Johnson towelled up Greg “Random” Mitchell by near 10kgs and in Group E Anderson pipped Ferguson in a low scoring affair. Group F was decided as Dave Welfare took out one of the local favourites Matthew Mott and we had our 6 heading into day 2.

Ferguson had confidence early on. 


O'Dowd tried hard, but Langford was too strong.


Day Two – Group Stage – 6 Anglers

Again the rain came, the wind came and fishing was changing, significantly we saw some anglers really struggle while one angler started to relish the conditions and improve at every cast he made.


Group A – Matthew Langford had to take on the young gun Jonno Bale, and found out why Bale was being regarded as the giant killer. After a first session zero for Langford he really had his back up against the wall, and after everything was said and done, Bale walked into the Motackle Championship Sunday with a 5 plus kg win. Bale was now the clear favourite at this stage, weighing a 9.48kg limit and having a strong start each morning, people had definitely put him as a front runner.

Langford couldn't dial in on day Two.



Group B was similar to the first round for Cody Haynes, super tight and very competitive, as Mick Johnson was only 30 grams away from him after session one. Again Haynes flew the flag in the afternoon session and walked away with a 1.4kg win over Mick “Iron Jack” Johnson.

Iron Jack Johnson with 2 biggens from day one. 


Group C – Anderson had to take on a fast finishing Welfare but struggled in session one which put him behind the eight ball heading into the afternoon session. Anderson did have a great 2nd session, but Welfare landed the largest sack of the day, which was just over 7kgs and had confidence heading into the Motackle Championship Sunday.

Anderson had a stellar year, taking out the Rookie of the Year.


Motackle Championship Sunday.


So we had Jonno Bale, Cody Haynes and Diamond Dave Welfare left to shoot out a 4 fish limit in the morning for $10,000.00. With only 5 hours to fish and with still very bad weather the anglers had to work very hard for bites and needed to convert at every opportunity.

Bale with 2 fatties from day two.



Unfortunately for Bale and Haynes Welfare found the groove, and was improving at every opportunity, landing the only limit for the session and taking home the $10,000.00 with nearly a 4kg win.


Welfare had 3 main locations that worked, One Tree Point, Top of Bay 13 and the Mouth of Beems Creek was his real go-to locations over the weekend. 

Haynes also had a great year in 2018.



His arsenal consisted of a customised 8-15lb Duff Rod that he felt allowed him to cast the massive 30 & 40 gram Palms Slow Blatt wide presentation lures further, while still giving him feel so he could work the lure in the correct speed. He matched his rod with a 3500H Daiwa Legalis reel and loaded it with 14lb Unitika Bream J PE and topped it off with Sunline 10lb FC Rock leader material.

Welfare got better at evey turn.



This outfit and presentation is designed to cover a huge amount of area with long fan cast, and also allows the lure to stay tighter to the bottom which is critical on Lake Somerset. The big bass like to follow lures for some time, so by keeping it in the strike zone longer you entice more strikes and cleaner hook ups.


The Motackle $10,000.00 AOY Invitational Wrap.


Special thanks to the Motackle team, including Rendy and Troy, the crew at Motackle have huge passion for fishing, and they love tournaments as much as everyone else.


Special thanks to the observers and helpers over the weekend, little do people know that Cameron Jones, Tracy brown and the Observers all did this for nothing, and just for the love of the sport. They should be congratulated and thanked by everyone.


Well this event has clearly shown us that the fans & anglers love the concept, with over 175,000 reach for the week and a huge amount of people engaging, look out for an announcement on this tournament for 2019 coming soon.