Humminbird/EJ Todd claims the Garmin Rocky Rumble

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Last season we saw an upset in the Rockhampton Rumble, the domination of Craig Griffiths and Karim De Ridder on the Fitzroy River has been disrupted and Shane Day along with Mitch Anderson from Rocky Refrigeration claimed the title in fine form. This year with the majority of barra located right in the middle of the city of Rockhampton, and with an growing field we


Last season we saw an upset in the Rockhampton Rumble, the domination of Craig Griffiths and Karim De Ridder on the Fitzroy River has been disrupted and Shane Day along with Mitch Anderson from Rocky Refrigeration claimed the title in fine form. This year with the majority of barra located right in the middle of the city of Rockhampton, and with an growing field we thought the title may be open again to any team that was competing in the tournament. Well Team Huminbird/EJ Todd put a cross through that idea in the first session, and went wire to wire to claim the Garmin Rockhampton Rumble by a huge margin, and re-claimed the dominance on the Fitzroy River.

In the 3rd qualifying round of the Sunline and Lucky Craft Barra Nation Series we had a solid 25 teams take to the Fitzroy with ideal conditions and clearing water. Critically we choose to fish the location on the neap tides allowing the waterways to clear, which gives larger visibility for presentation of lures right into the barramundi’s bite zone.

With a change of the presentation venue to the Gracemere Hotel, the stage was set, and little did we know that the barra would really turn it on over the weekend, with 261 actually weighed in and well over 300 caught during the 3 days it seems the barra fishing in Rocky is on the up.


Team Hummnbird/EJ Todd – Champion Team - $3,000 Garmin Cheque, Garmin Marine Virb Cameras x 2, Abu Garcia Revo Premier Reel & Abu Garcia Veritas Rod – 25/25 – 1716cm

Last year’s team of the year Griffiths and De Ridder needed to secure a win here in the Garmin Rockhampton Rumble to keep the chase alive, as Bass Mafia/Strike King have taken the first 2 wins for the year and was dominating the series.

Speaking to the team earlier in the week they had put a lot of time into the Port Alma area but found the fishing quite tough in the area, and they came down on the official practice day and caught barra straight away in the middle of the city.

The pair used a 2 prong attack on the rocky area they were fishing that included a mixture of Jackall Transam, Lucky Craft Pointers, and OSP Bent Minnows and caught barra easily every morning. The team was fishing in the middle of the river near the 400 area and was casting the lure up on top of the rocks and banging it back down into the deeper water. The surface lure was cast right up onto the shallow areas where teh water was shallow, and the barra are congregated on top, feeding on everything as the current flows through.

The setup for Karim consisted of a Dobyns setup matched with a Daiwa Zillion spooled up with Sunline Cast Away line and Sunline fluorocarbon leader material to pull those dirty fighting barra away from the ultra-sharp rocks.

Craig’s top water gear consisted of an Edge Rods 704 Spin and used Toray Power Game mainline in 26lb and Toray leader material.

With this win the Team of the Year title is still up for grabs, and with the history of these two on Lake Proserpine, the series is far from over.


Team Bass Mafia/Strike King – 2nd Place Team - Garmin Cheque $1,150, Abu Garcia Revo Inshore & Abu Garcia Veritas Rod, Sunline and Lucky Craft Prize Pack. – 25/25 – 1422cm

Team Bass Mafia/Strike King had another amazing tournament, and are now one step closer to claiming the Team of the Year title with the second place in the Garmin Rockhampton Rumble.

One of the unique things about this second place is the fact the boys headed away from the pack and fished a long way down stream, and still managed barra in both the morning and afternoon times.

Catching over 20 barra in the half day session EthanFarrel and Jon Millard worked a combination of Strike King hard bodiy lures and the Strike King 5 inch Swim n Shiner soft plastic lure in white colour.

Running all the way down to the mouth and spot hopping all the way back, focusing on any type of structure, stick, rock or anything that looked likw it had good current and food source, the pair used a couple of ACM JM Signature Base Raper rods to slowly roll their swimbaits in the strike zone and tempt big numbers of barra lurking below.

With one round to go, Team Bass Mafia/Strike King have had 2 wins and one second and given Hummnbird/EJ Todd a mammoth task of even trying to retain the title. Humminbird/EJ Todd needs to win the Proserpine Round, and catch a larger barra than the 103cm caught on Lake Teemburra in the Abu Garcia 1st round.




Team Lucky Craft/Edge Rods – 3rd Place Team - Garmin Cheque $900, Abu Garcia Revo SX & Abu Garcia Veritas Rod, Sunline and Lucky Craft Prize Pack. – 21/25 – 1353cm

Colin Brett and Steve Lill really pushed the 2 leaders and had a great average over the tournament, unfortunately they just couldn't get that full limit, which pushed them down into 3rd place.

Fishing right near the train bridge in town the pair also used different lure presentations throughout the tournament including the ZMan Swimmerz in Sexy Mullet colour attached to a Lethal Lures Hypo Head with an upgraded Tackle Tactics 4/0 Chinlock worm hook, which they fished weedless into the heavy rocky cover. They also caught some barra on the Lethal Lures Slayer Elite in Dynamite colour, as these handcrafted locally made lures have distinctive swim actions as they crankbaited them across the sharp rocks of the Fitzroy.

Really putting some serious numbers of barra in the boat on the second session, multiple other teams had to sit back and watch as the pair caught barra after barra with multiple upgrades through the session.

Colin’s setup consisted of a Dobyns Champion Series 704 SF 0-20lb spin rod matched with a 2500 Certate spooled with PE 2 Sunline Siglon Braid and topped off with Sunline FC 100 leader in 50lb, while Steve used a Edge Rod 10-17lb matched to a Daiwa Zillion with 20lb Toray Braid and 50lb Toray Power Game Fluro.

Lucky Craft/Edge Rods had a stellar tournament with only one session letting them down, with some big barra and big numbers. With s much local knowledge it will be interesting to see how they go next time we return to Rockhampton.


Garmin Big Barra - Rocky Refrigeration/Bass Mafia - $150 Garmin Cheque

The big Barra of tournament was taken out by Team Rocky Refrigeration/Bass Mafia consisting of Shane Day and Mitch Anderson, who caught the 109cm beast just between the bridges of Rockhampton. The big girl fell to a Zerek Live Cherabin carefully placed around the rock bars in the main river section.

Luckily for Shane the big girl bit down hard, pulled a little then just came up easy to the net. We saw a lot of angler getting blown up by big barra across the weekend, and the Archer Bros lost a lot of fish close to the boat and one even took a rod and reel combo with it.


The Garmin Rockhampton Rumble Wrap

We are so lucky to have so many amazing sponsors who support the tournaments, and Garmin went above and beyond this round with the Virb Cameras, gear for the entrants and extra prize pool. Abu Garcia also contributed some special gear including 3 new reels that are brand new to the market. These salt water models are perfect for the Rockhampton Round and all the anglers were drooling over them at the presentation. The Premier is ultra-light with all the bells and whistles needed, while the SX and Inshore will be used well by the winning anglers.

A special thanks to the Gracemere Hotel who hosted the briefing and presentation, plus added a $1,000 bonus cash into the 1st place. Gavin Pitts did a great job of hosting the event and do yourself a favour and head out there for a great meal and good time.

Next Round has us headed to the brilliant Lake Proserpine where we will have a shoot off between 1st and 2nd in the Team of the Year with a bunch of hungry anglers ready to take the win. Proserpine is a lake that can produce incredible fishing, and at the start of last year there was a huge number of metre barra caught. We will have to change this date as the B.A.S.S. Australia Nation staff will be in the U.S.A. at the time, stay tuned for more announcements on this.

For more information keep an eye on the Facebook page and via the tournaments section of the page.