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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cody Haynes from Warwick claimed the Tackle Tactics Wilson River Rumble in the first round of the Berkley B.A.S.S. Australia Nation Series and steps into the number one position for the Angler of the Year standings.

Cody Haynes is a perfect example of how the system works, this young angler took out the Co-Angler of the Year in season one and stepped up as a pro the

Cody Haynes from Warwick claimed the Tackle Tactics Wilson River Rumble in the first round of the Berkley B.A.S.S. Australia Nation Series and steps into the number one position for the Angler of the Year standings.

Cody Haynes is a perfect example of how the system works, this young angler took out the Co-Angler of the Year in season one and stepped up as a pro the following season, now after a couple of years of learning, he is ready to go to the next level. For any angler looking to be the next Dean Silvester, you need to take notice on how it takes time to grow as an angler and work your way to the top, it just doesn’t happen overnight, and never will.

Towards the end of last season the signs were appearing, Cody had decided to go hard in the tournaments, and the results started to show, he has found a formula that works for him, and unlocked the key to win a major event. Will this be the year of Haynes and will he go to the next level of tournament fishing in Australia?

In the co-angler division Lloyd Brown stepped up with a cracking bag in session one and placed a deal of pressure on himself to close the deal on Championship Sunday. With a changing weather pattern he struggled to find bites and may have thought the opportunity had become unstuck, his go to pattern wasn’t producing, but he found a cracking 900 plus gram bass within the time which was enough for him to secure his second win this year.


Cody Haynes – 4/4 3.99kg – Tackle Tactics Champion Angler Trophy & $2,800.00 Berkley Cheque.

Cody Haynes went outside the box a little in this tournament and moved away from the popular skirted baits to claim his maiden pro victory, deciding to fish a square bill crankbait technique towards the edges of the river system. The go to bait for Cody was the O.S.P. Blitz MR in a bright chartreuse colour that bounced off the rock walls and structured lined banks of the Richmond River.

Making the big run towards the Sugar Mill based in Broadwater, Haynes had worked out a pattern that involved a solid hook up rate in relation to a reaction bite presentation, and the crankbait was the perfect option.

Catching 10 bass easily on the Saturday morning, which gave him 2nd place after session one, Haynes decided to leave the bite and save the bass for Sunday where he wailed on them landing around 30 for the session.

The key was to get the lure in tight as possible to the banks then allow the lure to do its job, bouncing off in all directions as it hit the rocks and structure below. After the lure landed near the bank Haynes would burn it back to the boat and the bass just couldn’t resist his offering.

His cranking consisted of an Edge Cranking bait casting rod matched with a Shimano Curado spooled up with Toray 15lb Mainline and 12 lb Toray Super Hard leader material.

Now with 2 months off the anglers have an opportunity to sit back and ponder the next round on Lake Glenbawn, Haynes has extensive history on the impoundment and will be looking to push forward in the AOY race and cement his place in history.


Danny Brooks – 4/4 3.32kg – Tackle Tactics 2nd Place Pro Trophy & $1,700.00 Berkley Cheque.

Danny Brooks stepped up from the co-angler division and in his first tournament took out 2nd place in the Tackle Tactics Wilson River Rumble with a cracking limit of 3.32kg.

Danny is definitely an angler to be looking out for as he has extensive history on the QLD impoundments and with this 2nd place has announced that he is here and ready to play hard for the prizes.

With very little experience on the river system, he worked Bassman Mumblers which he presented under heavily lined banks with trees over hanging in the area. The Mulberry trees worked best and he landed 10-15 bass per session, while working through the areas of the Wilson River system, about a half an hour from the start line.

After he skipped the lure under the brush, he worked the lure over the top and through heavily timbered banks, and the Mumbler which had a Sludgies 3.5 inch Slider Shad trailer on the back really had the bass climbing all over it.

Look out for Danny, he is a real talent and we know he will be working as hard as possible to go big for the remaining rounds of the Berkley B.A.S.S. Australia Nation Series.


Simon Marchant – 4/4 3.01kg – Tackle Tactics 3rd Place Pro Trophy & $800.00 Berkley Cheque.

Simon Marchant is a quiet achiever and has great knowledge of the Southern impoundments of Lake St Clair and Lake Glenbawn, so this result will see him looking to capitalize not only on those two impoundments, but to look further north and chase the AOY dream.

Simon used a combination of techniques over the weekend including Bassman Spinnerbaits presented as tightly as possible to the undercut lined banks of the Richmond Arm of the system on day one. On day two he switched up to a Bettle Spin with a 1/8th green Jig Pro jig (1/0 Hook) matched to a ZMan 2.5 inch Slim Swim technique that allowed him to present a thinner profiled lure safely in the snaggy conditions. The colour of the plastic was the mood ring, which is very natural and purple to replicate the local forage population in the system.

The bass bit the lure as soon as it landed or on the initial drop on most cases, if the lure reached the bottom he would start his retrieve and the bass would hook up within those first few turns of the reel. Simon mentioned that it was critical to get the lure in tight as that’s how they really wanted it presented.

His go to close quarters setup was a Duffrods 1-5 Broken Bones Rod matched with a Daiwa Luvias 1000 Reel, spooled up with 8lb Sunline leader material and topped off with 10lb Sunline FC Sniper.

Look out for Simon to make his big move at our next round on Lake Glenbawn, he has a wonderful insight into the fishery and will be looking to push the leaders as hard as possible.


Lloyd Brown – 3/4 3.32kg – Tackle Tactics Champion Co-Angler Trophy & $680.00 Berkley Cheque, TT Prize Pack & Tonic Eyewear Big Bass.

Lloyd Brown stepped to the stage in session one, laid down the largest sack of the tournament and claimed the Tonic Big Bass with a cracking 1.32kg river bass. Then in the final session claimed his 2nd title for 2017 and now leads the co-angler division AOY where the winner takes home a TABS Boat & Trailer package matched with a Honda 4 stroke 50HP outboard.

Lloyd has extensive knowledge on the river system, but found the practice period very tough leading into the tournament, only managing one bass for the 4 days he put into the waterway.

That bass told him exactly what he needed to know, and that was top water was going to be critical in the Tackle Tactics Wilson River Rumble event. He noticed the bass where feeding heavily on prawns, as he saw them actually jumping out of the water to inhale the prey and decided to go top water for the entire event.

Lloyd used a River2Sea Whopper Plopper to land the majority of his limit over the tournament, and boated 10-15 bass in session one with Cody Haynes.

The lure uses a distinct tail to create sound and motion across the top of the water, and creates just the right disturbance to call fish from far and wide. The surface presentation that worked all day Saturday also allowed Lloyd to fish it just about anywhere in the river and the bass just came and ate it from any depth.

His plopping gear consisted of a Weapons Tournament Tech rod matched with a Shimano Exsense that has an extreme high gear ratio, that helped get the lure back to the boat quickly after he had gone through the retrieve.

Last year saw Lloyd go agonisingly close to the AOY title, with this win he leads the pack, keep an eye out to see how he goes into 2018.


Mackenzie Luck – 4/4 2.98kg – Tackle Tactics Prize Pack.

Mackenzie is a young man with a ton of talent, and has been fishing the B.A.S.S Australia Nation events in the youth round for years. Fishing in his first tournament as a co-angler the 2nd place result against anglers who have years of experience is a wonderful effort and rewards his efforts for the time he has put in practicing on the river.

Luck’s techniques consisted of crankbaits and beetle spin combos that were presented as closely to the bank as possible at every single chance. His crankbait was an Atomic Crank 38 in Micks Madness colour that he worked through the heavy cover. The Atomic lure has a unique bill that allows it to bounce off in directions and not snag up when going through areas of cover, and has a huge colour range suited to any water clarity. The Beetle Spin arm was connected to a Atomic Seeker jig with a Atomic Paddle tail trailer attached.

He used a Samurai Infinite FIN-B16-F66 rod matched to a Megabass IP79 reel spooled up with Unitika Super PE Jigging line in 16lb.

With his entire career in front of him, Mackenzie can sit back, work hard on his education and learn from the time in the co-angler division. In saying that he will be focused on winning the boat, so keep a keen eye on him as the next rounds take place.


Jake Schwerin – 4/4 2.75kg – Tackle Tactics Prize Pack.

Jake also fished in the Richmond section of the system and mentioned that casting need to be on its A-Grade for this tournament. Gone are the days of cast and close your eyes in the river system, you need to really concentrate and work hard to land it in the best possible spot.

He used a Smak Spinnerbait in the K’s colour with a baby bass Slider Grub trailer around the edges.

Jake used a combination of Daiwa gear including the Liberto Pixy which was matched to a Alphas 105 reel spooled with 15lb Platypus mainline and 16lb fluorocarbon leader material.

Jake is also reasonably new to the circuit, so keep an eye out how he goes over the coming season.


The Tackle Tactics Wrap

It was fantastic to see new faces at this event like Vanessa Danes, Jack Sevier, Thomas Patton, Zac Travis, Callum Sivewright and Craig Hanlon to just name a few. These anglers have the opportunity to learn a completely new sport from some of the best Australia has on offer and take home a few prizes along the way.

A special thanks to Lismore for hosting the event, they closed off the entire area for the B.A.S.S. Australia competition and made things very easy for us.

The Tackle Tactics crew have always been good to us, so thank you to Gareth and team, and thanks to Berkley and all the other partners on board for this year.

Cameron Jones and Tracy Brown do amazing jobs and we are very thankful for their effort.

If you are interested in getting involved, you can contact us very easily, just go to the contact page below and call anytime during office hours.

Merry Christmas and bring on the 2018 season.