Bassmaster Team Championship Schedule!

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bassmaster Team Championship Schedule!

As you wake into your Thursday morning two anglers have been competing in the Bassmaster Team Championship in the 1st day of the event. Dean Silvester and Mark Ferguson have made a massive effort to travel the 34 hour trip to Mountan Home Arkansas, to compete in a 161 boat field event.

Bassmaster Team Championship Schedule!

Bassmaster Team Championship Schedule!

As you wake into your Thursday morning two anglers have been competing in the Bassmaster Team Championship in the 1st day of the event. Dean Silvester and Mark Ferguson have made a massive effort to travel the 34 hour trip to Mountan Home Arkansas, to compete in a 161 boat field event.

A sight to be seen, 161 boats descending on a start line.

The winner takes home a Nitro Z20 and the payouts go down just past 30th place, so there is a lot on the line for the Australian Bassmaster Team. Silvester and Ferguson are officially the very first team to travel outside of North America for this tournament, and with little knowledge of the species and even less knowledge of the lake, they will be doing everyone extremely proud by just making the stage.

The right kind. Silvester with a solid practice bass.

The temperature at the start line hit below -4 Celsius degrees this morning and many of the boats lined up has a thick layer of ice over the front deck of the bass boats. A wonderful sight to see boats travelling in from all directions of different boats ramps for over an hour and a half this morning a 5:30 am.

The morning mental prep time.

Dean and Mark must have felt a real rush heading out in 41st place as the crowd cheered them on as the first pure internationals to compete. They drew the 2nd flight so will return at 3:00pm Arkansas time, which is 8:00am AEST (7:00am QLD time), and it shouldn’t tke them very long to make it to the stage.

Number 41 - Just about to receive the key tag.

Tune in a cheer them on from Australia on and send plenty of messages directly to them, underneath the Facebook schedule post and in the live-stream page on Bassmaster. Let the world know that we are watching and we are supporting our lads. Livestream found here.

....and so it begins.

The dock talk going around was mentioning that a limit of 14lbs would probably lead the tournament, and with the weather getting colder and colder the bite could significantly shut down more, let’s hope they can find the right bites to make a dent towards the top of the leaderboard. Dean and Mark have been getting a few 4lb bites each day which is considered a very good quality bass, lets hope the Bass Gods are with them.

Good Luck Bassmaster Aussies!